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We are biggest provider of digital billboard trucks advertising and cover most major cities.

Miami - Tampa - Orlando - NYC - Chicago - Los Angeles - San Diego - San Francisco - Seattle - Dallas - Houston - McAllen tx - Washington DC - Cleveland - Phoenix - Jacksonville - Raleigh NC - Philly - Buffalo - Atlanta - Savannah GA - Nashville - Boston - Denver

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Benefits of Mobile Digital LED Truck Advertising

Smart campaigns

We have years of historical data at our fingertips, allowing us to develop routes based on market demographics and campaign objectives.


Using Street Metrics technology, your campaign data is collected by tracking advertising ID from mobile devices near the trucks in realtime.


We can now retarget all of the unique impressions acquired during your campaign and provide a few retargeting choices thanks to our reporting system.

Track your campaign performance

Our LED Billboard Trucks are integrated with audience intelligence technology that allows you to plan and track the performance of your campaign to get the most out of your advertising expenditures.

Our Proof of Performance (POP) contains not only GPS tracking and images of the campaign, but also a unique impression with demographics, consumer behaviors, and even dual time impressions where your impressions are made at different times of the day.

Stand out from the crowd

The point of advertising is to be seen. Unfortunately, due to the excess use of traditional advertising channels, audiences have become more selective with advertisements.

Our LED Billboard Truck Advertising solutions can help you get an edge on your competition by advertising on our trucks. They are eye turners and attract attention no matter where they are.

Stop waiting for your customers to come to you and start sending your message to them whether they are driving home from work or for leisure.



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